Bridgeway Residential Realty, Inc.

Your Way Home”

The award-winning Bridgeway Commercial Realty LLC now has a Residential Real Estate Team: Bridgeway Residential Realty, Inc.,  a local firm representing buyers and sellers of Central New York’s finest properties.


Bridgeway’s Agents understand that buying or selling a home is more than a business transaction, it is an emotional decision as well. It’s a deeply personal process, involving a family’s identity immediate needs, and long-term dreams. Bridgeway helps clients clarify these goals, then guides them in their decision making process. 


Local is Powerful 

As national companies absorb small real estate firms, Bridgeway proudly remains family owned and locally focused. The firm’s founders grew up in Central New York and returned to raise families here. They have deep roots in local communities and decades of experience in the local real estate market.  They understand — firsthand – the factors that make a house a home, including its neighborhood, local culture, amenities, and schools. 


Make Yourself at Home with Bridgeway Residential Realty, Inc.

Open the door by calling 315-928-1400 or filling out your contact information on this page to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation of your real estate needs. In our high-tech digital world, our firm remains relationship based. We’re always eager to meet face-to- face, share our extensive real estate expertise, and help you take the next step toward finding your way home. 


The Residential Team Advantage 

Bridgeway Residential Realty is fueled by the same surefire elements that swiftly propelled Bridgeway Commercial Realty to the prestigious status of CoStarTM Power Broker:


• State-of-the-Art Technology

 Provides clients with the most current and advanced data analysis in the real estate industry.


• Easy-to-Navigate Website 

For high visibility of Bridgeway listed properties.


• Stellar Communication 

Bridgeway believes in the exponential power of relationship building—face-to-face, online, at trade shows, through marketing outreach, and in the community.


• Team Players 

Eager to cooperate rather than compete with other brokers


• Absolute Integrity

Bridgeway adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors.